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We design and manufacture in France, furniture conceived to meet the specifications of the most demanding customers. Our industrial capacity (40,000 packages/day) allows us to meet the requirements of the leading international distributors. our products constantly follow the most strict environmental regulations.



Meubles DEMEYERE undertakes to…



o respect the environment


We manufacture furniture while protecting the environment at each phase in the industrial process. Meubles DEMEYERE is committed to the environment with two aims: reduce its impact on the planet as far as possible and ensure sustainable business.


This is why Meubles DEMEYERE has committed itself to a comprehensive monitoring and traceability programme in respect of the wood used to make its products (the first phase concerns Idevolum and Sanea), by certifying its supply sources in accordance with PEFC (Forestry Certification Recognition Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certificate schemes).



What is PEFC?

PEFC is a certification programme for the sustainable management of forests whose principles are:

  • Factoring in biodiversity and the environment


  • Seeking the best possible balance between social, environmental and economic benefits
  • Certification of sustainable forest management by an independent third party
  • Continuous supplies of wood-based products sourced from millions of hectares of forests that have been certified in respect of their sustainable management (


o Recycling raw materials


Meubles DEMEYERE undertakes to recycle raw materials as much as possible:



- by grinding the waste from panels and regenerating it or by using the shavings and dust to heat equipment;


- by using recycled materials as much as possible for packing or boxes and avoiding expandable polystyrene ;


- by complying with the CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) standards in order to minimise packing and waste and use recycled and recyclable materials (33 tonnes CO2 equivalent saved per year, the emissions of 15 vehicles traveling 15 000 km/year, on our furniture exports in Germany according to the agency Der Grüne Punkt).


o Reducing formaldehyde emissions


Formaldehyde is inevitably involved in the process of manufacturing particle boards used to manufacture furniture. The European standard sets the emissions at 8mg/100g (E1 standard).


Meubles DEMEYERE has already been applying this standard for many years for the furniture made by its factories.

o Use of "green" components


The components used in the furniture we manufacture exclusively contain substances authorised by European REACH regulations. To give an example, all of our plastics are guaranteed phtalate-free. (





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