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Choose ready-to-assemble furniture

Demeyere : a general product offer composed of over 1000 active product references.

1-) Furniture you can afford, no matter your budget

  • We make our furniture in large quantities which helps to keep our manufacturing costs down.
  • Ready-to-assemble furniture costs on average 30% less than custom-built furniture of the same quality.
  • This benefit in no way detracts from the quality of our furniture.

2-) French design 

  • Created by our team of French designers, take your pick from the wide range of styles (including traditional, contemporary and trendy) and colour palettes to shape your home’s unique style.

3-) Quality finishes

  • We are very particular when it comes to our finishes, from varnished MDF edging and 28 mm-thick tops to textured paper weighing 80g, soft closing hinges and thick or PVC edging; our painstaking attention to detail is sure to meet the expectations of even the most sophisticated customers.

4-) Because transport and delivery couldn’t be easier, especially through our website.

  • All our furniture is delivered in cardboard packaging, ready to assemble.
  • Clear assembly instructions are provided to guide you, but if you require a more detailed, step-by-step demonstration, you can follow our flash videos (QR code) on our website for guidance on each of the stages required to assemble your furniture.

5-) Furniture to suit all kinds of spaces and interchangeable as desired

  • Our wide range of products comes in an array of sizes and colours. 
  • The furniture can be adapted to suit all kinds of rooms and tailored to the technical constraints of each individual home.