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What is particle board or chipboard?

The main component of our furniture



What is particle board or chipboard?

It is a board made up of particles of wood assembled and glued together.


What are the main components used to make it?

  • Cleared wood (cut by foresters who manage forests),


  • Recycled wood (pallets, pieces of joinery,...)
  • Off cuts from sawmills
  • Glue (urea + methanol)

Our boards meet E1 quality standards, which means that they are tested for formaldehyde emissions.

An increasing proportion of our supply of particle boards is PEFC certified.


Which countries make it?

Around 35 million m3 are made each year in Europe.


Germany is the chief producer with over 25% followed by France, Spain and Italy, each with 10% of the market share.


What are the other uses for this material?

  • The shop fitting sector (for premises open to the public),
  • The decoration sector,
  • The construction and insulation sector (walls, partitions, roofing...)